A dual type of Fighting and Ghost Pokemon called Annihilape was first seen in Generation IX. The simian Pokemon Annihilape has a spherical body and two large, dark-colored legs. It is coated with shaggy, grey fur that appears to vaporize and stream upward. The ghost type pokemon has dark grey skin, similar to Primeape and Mankey. Its right arm looks completely shackle free, and the metal shackle on its left arm is fractured. 

    Annihilape has two-toed feet and hands with three fingers. Its face has many throbbing veins on the left side. It appears to be quite angry by the colour of its eyes. This pokemon developed from Primeape when the wrath in its soul grew too great for its physical form to handle because the flesh no longer constrained its spirit. Punches made with the force of the wrath boiling inside terrify their victim to the core. 

    Annihilape Location – How to Get Annihilape

    Primeape may only evolve into Annihilape through Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. At Level 28, the Mankey transforms into a Primeape. After 20 times of using Rage Fist, Primeape levels up and becomes Annihilape. Level 35 is when Primeape learns Rage Fist.

    You must use the attack Rage Fist 20 times in combat and then level up Primeape for it to evolve into Annihilape.

    It Is really easy, but make sure you complete everything at once, which means you shouldn’t visit the Pokémon Center at any point between using Rage Fist 20 times and leveling Primeape. (After using Rage Fist 20 times, I went to the Pokémon Center to level it up, but my Primeape did not evolve.) This suggests that you should start the procedure with enough potions to heal your Primeape while participating in a fight to level it up and a little amount of ether to replenish your Rage Fist PP.

    The good news is that using Rage Fist 20 times is not particularly difficult. Even if you utilize the move and it has no impact, your Primeape will still evolve. Since Rage Fist is a ghost-type move, you may pick a low-level normal-type Pokémon (Lechonk is a nice option), use the move 20 times in a single battle, and then just level your Primeape up afterward.

    Counters to Annihilape in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Annihilape is vulnerable to Flying, Psychic, Fairy, and Ghost-type attacks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The Same Type of Attack Bonus (STAB) is activated. It increases the damage caused by the moves when monsters of their respective types use them. There are many species of the preceding sorts. Still, only some excel in competitive PvP, primarily when the opposing trainer uses a standard meta build.

    Trainers must use caution when using options like Dragapult and Gholdengo, even if several Pokemon on the top list are effective against Annihilape. They can use strong Ghost-type attacks to deal the monster a lot of damage, but they also suffer a lot of damage from these assaults. They are highly susceptible to Annihilape’s Rage Fist attack, which gets stronger every time it hits, resulting from this flaw.

    However, no Ghost-type weakness or Fighting-type attacks can be used when utilizing Corviknight or Dragonite as alternatives. Since leaving this Ghost/Fighting-type to suffer damage over several rounds would strengthen its Rage Fist, trainers should utilize as powerful a Pocket Monster as they can that counters Annihilape’s typing.

    Is Annihilape Any Good?

    This Fighting and Ghost Pokemon is a capable physical attacker, so yes. It can defeat entire teams on its own. Overall, it performs better in battle than Primeape. Therefore, evolving a Primeape into an Annihilape is worthwhile if you already have one. This is especially true given how easy it is to evolve Primeape.

    Annihilape’s Typing

    Fighting and Ghost types make up Annihilape, a unique combination. It still has Primeape’s STAB (same type attack bonus), which enables it to strike strongly with Fighting-type attacks. It now has another excellent offensive STAB and can be a formidable foe for other Fighting-type Pokémon thanks to the inclusion of the Ghost typing.

    Annihilape Level-up Moveset

    Annihilape can learn Shadow Punch when it matures, which is a good STAB move despite being weaker than Rage Fist overall. The move set of this pokemon, which can be obtained via leveling up, is identical to Primeape in every other respect. These maneuvers are likewise taught to them at the same levels. The move Counter can be taught to Annihilape after it evolves; it should be noted.

    Overall, you can give Annihilape the same move set that you would give a Primeape, but let it have Rage Fist since that is perhaps its most excellent offensive move. You can create fantastic dual STAB moves by combining that with Close Combat (acquired at level 39). You can sweep other teams with just a few additional moves!


    Annihilape is a good Pokémon full of potential. It can defeat entire teams independently and do an excellent job in a team. It has decent speed, average HP and defence stats, and a good Attack stat. Its only downside is its terrible defensive typing, which can lead to the monster getting paralyzed frequently and other types of status conditions. If you wish to use Annihilape in your team, go ahead! Have fun tossing your opponents around!