Ayurveda is a traditional herbal and organic medicine that emanates in India. It strives to achieve wholesome health by following basic practices of yoga, acupuncture, organic medicine, dietary changes etc. A lifestyle based on Ayurvedic norms is chemical-free and hence less prone to toxic side effects. There are many Ayurvedic companies established in India besides pharmaceuticals. A list of the best Ayurvedic producers is mentioned in the below content.

    1. AWPL

    Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd is a profound company settled in Jaipur, Rajasthan since October 2014. Itis a marketing company that got enrolled under Ministry of the corporate Affairs in Delhi. It provides a platform to directly sell and distribute health-related products. AWPL login procedures via online web pages are simple and secure. Some documents such as an Aadhaar card, pen card, bank card and valid phone number are mandatory to enrol on this platform. Ayurvedic health products sold by this company have respective maximum retail price (MRP), DP price (Direct seller) and sales point (SP). SP point of products ranges from 1 to 25. Asclepius wellness a Green ID is issued to the seller affiliated with the company which acts as a personalised licence. This ID is necessary to claim the products are safe and non-toxic.

    2. Dabur India LTD.

    Dabur India Ltd was founded in 1884 by SK Burman. It is a multinational company with its headquarters located in Ghaziabad. It is one of the leading goods-selling companies in India. The company manufactures, a wide range of herbal products such as oil, honey, medicines etc. One of the most valued and purchased products is Dabur  Chyawanprash which is consumed to boost immunity and integral growth. Dabur sells products for treatment, skincare and hair care along with other health-associated goods.

    3. Patanjali Ayurveda

    Baba Ramdev is one of the most persuasive Indian Guru. He is also a fast-moving businessman and founder of Patanjali Ayurveda. It is a worldwide famous multinational conglomerate holding company which is serving customers with products of health and skin care. From shampoo to countless medicines, every product manufactured is claimed to be natural and Ayurvedic. It promotes the idea of conventional medicines very effectively. Its manufacturing unit is situated in Haridwar with outlets in almost every village and town across the nation.

    4. Baidyanath

    Baidyanath Ayurveda is another company serving Indians with the best quality herbal in 1917. It is located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Vaidya Pandit Ram Narayan Sharma and Pandit Ram Dayal Joshi founded Baidyanath with the notion of preserving and promoting traditional medicines and health products. They believed in passing on the originality of the Indian medicine system.

    5. Hamdard Laboratories

    As its name suggests, it is being sympathetic and kind towards peoples’ health sufferings yet curing them by ideally manufactured products. In 1906, it was established in the Humdard Building, in New Delhi. This company wins top ratings by offering non-hazardous and effective products. It is one solution for many health-related concerns of Indians.

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