Pixwox is an excellent tool for exploring Instagram stories, looking through user updates, and swiftly downloading them.

    Ever wanted to sneakily view someone else’s Instagram Story? Yes, a lot of us wish to have concealed access to someone’s Instagram profile. Whether it’s an enemy, an ex-boyfriend, or someone you have a serious infatuation on, everyone has thought about secretly observing someone at some point in their lives.

    But Instagram let’s the user know when you see someone else’s story from their profile. However, there is a way to gain access to it secretly by going to a website run by a different party. This programme can assist you if you wish to explore and download someone’s Instagram stories privately.

    What is Pixwox?

    The pix wox for Instagram app allows you to broaden and download an excellent quality picture of a user’s Instagram profile picture. Instagram highlights, videos, images, stories, and programming can now be downloaded automatically.

    Without login into your Instagram account, you can use this app to save images and videos that you can later repost on your timeline or feed. By looking at the accounts of others they know or favourite entertainers, people can find Instagram hashtags and details about an account.

    With the help of the Pixwox programme, you can repost your favourite videos or images together with your own original hashtags and captions on your Instagram story. The Pixwox for Instagram and Repost App has many great features, such as not requiring a login, allowing you to download videos and photos in their entirety, downloading stories quickly, supporting copy links, and preventing you from switching between applications with a sophisticated bubble service. Additionally, you can save time by downloading a lot of pictures and movies at once.


    • Edit picture: There are numerous methods to modify photographs using Pixwox. You can trim photographs, add text and watermarks, change the brightness and colour, and make other simple modifications.
    • Without creating an account or registering for access, you can download restricted content off the internet.
    • You can also look at their usage history if you’re interested.
    • Filters & Effects: This part allows you to alter the brightness and colour saturation of your edited Instagram photos, add filters like blur or de-saturation, and save them as projects or profiles.
    • To all users, your Pixwox activity is confidential.
    • Pixwox provides a secure area for viewing posts that can be downloaded.


    • Pixwox  has received many negetive reviews.
    • A lot of the time, it cannot locate the specified account.
    • Pixwox is not widely known on social media.
    • It is brand-new to the industry and has received little attention.

    How to use

    • Copy the chosen account username before beginning to download Instagram stories, posts, etc.
    • Go to the official Piwox website now using your computer’s browser.
    • Use the search field on the Pixwox home page to find the user whose story you wish to view or download by pasting the copied username or entering the user’s username directly.
    • The screen displays each and every article or post. You have the option to download them in addition to seeing them.
    • Click on the link provided in the story below if you wish to download it.
    • you can also choose to use another alternates such thotsbay or any other similar site that provide features like download videos, Photos and other posts.

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